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As a part of our series about online marketing for beginners, our next step in making your business successful is using online marketing strategies. Why is it worth using online marketing strategies? Because it will generate great traffic on your website. Moreover, it will increase the popularity of your business and your brand will go viral.

Basic Plan in Creating Online Marketing Strategies

It’s easy, so no worries. You just follow these 10 simple steps and then you can easily create your own methods.

  • Your first thing is to develop a web promotion plan, and a great design for your product.
  • Search Optimization Techniques are your friend, use them.
  • Email Marketing is also your friend, you should learn to use it effectively.
  • Use affiliate links and associate programs.
  • Ask for analysis from an internet marketing coach (or simply contact us, our experienced online marketing team is at your service at all times).
  • Building a responsive e-mail list is also necessary.
  • Publish as many articles and news stories as you can.
  • Publish online press releases.
  • Launch contests and bargains on your website.
  • Interaction with customers is more than important, contact them on your website.


Build Your Own Strategies

online marketing strategies

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After you became familiar with the 10 basic rules of online marketing, you can start creating your own plan in terms of marketing strategies. Remember, the strategies are hidden in using major technological assets like mobile, social media, e-mail, content and video marketing. This is one of the easiest ways of creating technology based marketing strategies.

Get Support

Find a local celebrity who hopefully has interests in promoting your business. People can be easily attracted by someone who is famous or well-known. If you manage to find a (minor) celebrity – don’t think of the biggest superstars’ names, just be realistic – you already have a half success.

Use Professional Social Network

Use LinkedIn as a professional network to promote your company. Create a LinkedIn Group and build your social network. Broaden your business connections, provide resources and start discussions.

Get Published on Niche Blogs

You should remain realistic here as well. Being in the front cover of any magazine is not the way of these things start. (Maybe later.)

Niche blogs usually has a specifically focused term or target. If you manage to find 3-4 super-creative blogs which has the same profile as yours and build a good relationship with them. Make interviews with them for your site and ask them for cooperation.

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube has over 800 million visitors per month so you should definitely use this platform too. First of all, be concise, clear and funny. Secondly there are three things you should focus on while creating videos.

  • find a keyword-researched headline
  • provide a solid editorial message
  • use the  ‘call to action’ method – encourage visitors to subscribe your channel etc.

We are so lucky nowadays due to the great technical developments. Practically it means you can create videos even with your smartphone’s camera instead of spending money on an expensive tool. So be brave and use your technical assets.

Write an E-book About Your Relevant Experience

Sounds a bit pushy but you should be stubborn if you want to reach your goals. So here we are again, modern technology allows us to write a book without giving it to a publishing company. Your ‘publishing company’ could be Amazon, where you are allowed to upload your product. Amazon will take 33% from you for each sale; but it is worth trying.

You are recommended to set a price between $1- $5 to make it affordable. And then what would you do to promote and sell all the copies? Yes, using social media and e-mail marketing again will bring you the results that you aim to get. 

What Does Happen when You Don’t Have Integrated Marketing Strategies?

marketing strategies

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Nothing profitable, really. Business will slip through your fingers. Here are the reasons why you should not leave without online marketing strategies:

  • Lack of strategies will cause you chaos.
  • Your competitors will gain more share than you.
  • Your brand won’t be valuable on the online market.
  • You won’t know online customers and can’t meet their expectations.

Do you really want that? If your answer is no, than this article is written for you. 

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